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About Hendersonville Eye Health & Vision, PLLC

The private practice setting allows Dr. Garnsey to spend the appropriate time to meet the needs of each individual patient. While some patients need a simple routine yearly eye examination and refraction for glasses or contacts, other patients have more serious conditions that need to be addressed. These conditions require adequate time and state of the art diagnostic equipment; but most importantly a strong patient/doctor relationship.

Dr. Garnsey and his wife/business manager, Ashley, opened the doors to Hendersonville Eye Health & Vision on June 17th of 2013

Because Dr. Garnsey feels strongly that the best patient care can be provided in the private practice setting, he applied and was accepted into the "Vision Source Network". Vision Source is a network of independent private practice optometrists who are committed to the long term success of independent optometry. If you would like to read more about Vision Source, please visit the Vision Source web site at www.visionsource.com.

Our Mission

At Hendersonville Eye Health & Vision, we feel privileged that God has given our family the tools and education to serve the community and families of Hendersonville with their eye health and vision needs. In line with our belief, we strive to provide quality eye care to all patients in an honest, ethical, positive, and professional manner. Patients can expect a thorough and comprehensive eye examination where questions are welcomed and even encouraged! Historically, the definition of Doctor is “teacher”. In agreement with this definition, we believe that informing and educating our patients about their eye health situation is just as important as the actual treatment and management of eye conditions.

Dr. Garnsey's Professional Experience

Michigan College of Optometry University Eye Center - Big Rapids, MI

Aleda E. Lutz Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Saginaw, MI

Duane L. Waters Hospital - Jackson, MI

John D. Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Detroit, MI

Dr. Lewis and Associates - Franklin, TN and Clarksville, TN

Hendersonville Eye Health & Vision, PLLC - Hendersonville, TN

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